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Following my last blog post a lot of discussion has taken place within the LEMC world – it would appear that some LEMC’s have decided allowing non-law enforcement membership in an LEMC is a cardinal sin?

I support everyone’s right to an opinion – AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T INFRINGE ON MY RIGHT TO ONE!

We’ve fought wars to permit this principal to prevail for Gods sake, and yet I still hear people who think they have the right to tell me how to run my life and my Club. Its disrespectful to me and disrespectful to the Club I love, and I got four words for you – MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

While I’m on the subject – Who we choose to bring into the Club is a Chapter decision made by free thinking people who are exercising their right to self determination. We will stand or fall by the decisions we make, the same as every individual does in life. That’s not to say there isn’t a governing body or board that intervenes in matters that directly affect the reputation of the Club and that is, of course, the right way for any MC to operate. We abide by the decisions made by those who watch over us, without question, as we know that they only have the good of the Club at heart (whether we agree as individuals or not!).

I would also like to point out that the MC world in the UK is completely different to that of the US or any other country, as for someone outside the UK or outside the MC world passing comment on a dynamic they don’t understand – it’s insulting and ignorant.


Lost Saints England take every potential Prospect as we find them, regardless of their past (and we accept that people change during the course of their lives) – that’s why there’s a Prospect period! Being a cop doesn’t make them a Lost Saint – I’ve met plenty of cops I wouldn’t pass the time of day with, let alone invite them to be my Brother in LSMC. We don’t consider ourselves better than the public we serve – different yes, but not better. As a result, there are very few outside the Police who could fit in with the other members of the Club – but sometimes we are fortunate enough to find someone who does. If they have the high standards that we expect of our members and fulfill the required criteria for membership then maybe, just maybe, they can make the grade.

Peace Brother & Sisters – President Nock


Bikers have historically been branded as misogynists, hating women, objectifying them into pieces of meat and wanting to belittle them and their role within society. Well maybe that was true of some bikers 20 or 30 years ago (and certainly a large section of society generally), but everything I have seen over the past 10 years or so suggests that this view is outdated and incorrect for all but a few M.C.s and bikers.

“What about the scantily clad women we see on your Lost Saints Facebook pages?” I hear you shouting at your computer screen. Every time I post a picture like that on Facebook I can almost hear some people tutting in disgust. Well it may seem like a contradiction, but actually The Lost Saints love women, respect their role and we especially admire the beauty of their form.

I studied art at school, and regularly attended life drawing classes. There was and is, as far as I am concerned, nothing more beautiful than a woman’s body (other than a beautifully crafted motorcycle!) Posting pictures of bikes and girls is not meant to disrespect women but hold them up to be admired. You may not like my analogy, but how different are the numerous ancient Greek statues of the naked Aphrodite, Picasso’s Blue Nude or the early iconic pictures of a naked Marilyn Monroe?

“But you don’t allow women to join the Lost Saints?” you say – This is true, but the idea of a Brotherhood is that Sisters are excluded. It is not a snub and the reason behind it is that we simply wish to spend time apart from our partners (sort of like a Gentleman’s Club) where we can escape from our daily lives for a short while.

Unfortunately there will always be those that are unconvinced about an M.C.s true feelings towards women, but all I can say is wait till you have met us before making up your mind.

Peace – President Nock

OK – How offensive do you find this image? In this day and age, I’d say this was pretty tame and I’m guessing many of you would agree. I would go so far as to say its artistic. Well it would appear that this was beyond acceptable as far as Facebook was concerned when someone decided they should report it to them and they in turn decided it breached their code on nudity. The question then arises – why did the complainant not just avoid Facebook pages like ours?

Unfortunately we are seeing this kind of ‘nannying’ going on everywhere in our society. If people see something they don’t like they consider it their business to do something about it. Well I say MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

You can’t say / do / write / look at / agree with / wear that, someone might be offended / get upset / hurt / put themselves in danger. Well if you don’t like what I’m saying then you can stop reading and go to another web page. Its a shame this doesn’t apply when it comes to legislation, where many laws are ridiculous or ill thought out by people who don’t even know the subject matter. We see this particularly with Human Rights and Health and Safety (for instance the recent French laws that make it an offence not to wear a certain number of square centimeters of reflective material on your back whilst riding a motorcycle). As lawmen ourselves we are obliged to enforce legislation, no matter how we feel about it (and I’m sure there are many Cops out there nodding their heads).

Youngsters these days are learning to drive cars that insulate them from what it feels like to skid, wheel spin or slide through loss of traction, They are not learning the skills of vehicle control at the edge of a vehicles capabilities and as such when they get it wrong (and the on board computer systems are unable to bring the vehicle under control) it goes really wrong. Kids are struggling to get motorcycle licences because the process has become too protracted and expensive and new motorbikes now have to have ABS by law and remote speed limiting, traction control are just round the corner. Who asked for all these ‘safety’ devices? I didn’t – did you? Personally I think motorcycles will be outlawed for being too dangerous within the next 50 years.

I for one will continue to think for myself and decide what is and isn’t right. I want to ride my bike wearing the clothes I choose to wear, without the interference of ABS, traction control or speed limiting. If you want to do something about it – I suggest you join MAG (The Motorcycle Action Group)

Its always been about freedom to me, and it always will be….in fact I think I’m going straight outside to take a ride on my Harley….naked!

Peace – President Nock

Why would a cop want to put on a waistcoat and emulate an outlaw biker?

Well in a nutshell it’s not that straight forward. Riding a motorcycle for most bikers is generally not a transport choice, more of a lifestyle choice and its the same for many law enforcement officers. Once they’ve been bitten by biking there’s no turning back – it’s in their blood for good whether law enforcement officer or civilian .

M.C.’s or motorcycle clubs were originally established to promote the joy and camaraderie that having a bike brought to the few that indulged in this ‘dangerous’ but exhilarating activity.  Mistakenly many people automatically associate a ‘patched’ biker as a 1%er or outlaw, but that’s not the case.

Many M.C.’s court and encourage the outlaw image as it suits their non-conformist, hard living and independent culture and of course it gives them respect through fear from the vast majority of the public.

Within law enforcement there are a small number of bikers who also have this non-conformist, hard living and independent culture who do not fit in with the vast majority of their colleagues.

Well that’s how I feel and the reason why I choose to wear the colours of the Lost Saints M.C.

We are not outlaws and don’t pretend to be. You will find us friendly, approachable, respectful and peaceful people – if you see one of our patched brothers please take the opportunity to say ‘Hi’.

Peace – President Nock