Who we are


London Crew

Lost Saints MC are a Brotherhood of committed motorcyclists who are also law enforcement officers – like a Club within a Club.

Membership is all about trust, unity, and faith in your brothers. We are bound together by our shared experiences having seen and done things most people would choose not to. Lost Saints MC truely is a family where we all look out for one another.

We are dedicated to promoting the passion of motorcycling and helping the families of our Brothers and Sisters in Blue, who have given up their lives whilst protecting and serving the communities they vowed to Police.

We are an international Club with chapters in the United States and Europe and are always looking to expand our membership. If you are interested in prospecting with the Lost Saints MC, contact us: info@lostsaintsmc.com

More information is available at our international website at http://lostsaintsmc.com

  1. Chef says:

    Great party at the Lost an Loud, cheers guys,

  2. Glyn Hore says:

    I’ve noticed that you run the Lost and Loud rally and I was wondering if you intend to host it this year. If so what are the dates please. ?
    I’m a PC working in Plymouth.

    • Hi Glyn – nice to hear from a fellow brother of the thin blue line.
      Yes Lost & Loud will be returning on Saturday 18th June 2016.
      The venue has yet to be confirmed, but please check our Facebook Page for regular updates.
      Looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues then.
      Peace – Nock (President of Boondocks Chapter & EU Director)

      • Glyn Hore says:

        Cheers I’ll keep an eye on your FB page and likewise I’m looking forward to meeting you.


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